awsm is the anti social network

private social media for families and groups

Current social media can be negative, limits positive interaction, and focuses on self.

Awsm is a mobile app that lets families and groups share private, permanent memories with the people they care about.

Awsm also uses fun, interesting, and positive questions and prompts to help you build better relationships.

Awsm is for the content and messages you don’t necessarily want to post on Instagram or Facebook or Snapchat for everyone to see. Awsm is the “anti social network.”

Awsm can be used for personal, couples, and group journaling.

Awsm is personal, positive, permanent, and private.


Awsm is a private social media and journaling app for families, groups, and individuals. You can share different types of content with specific people, and comments and likes will only be visible between you and that person or the members of that group.

Awsm can also be used for personal content that you'd like to play back as an automated slideshow whenever you want, like a private video journal, personal daily affirmations, or a vision board.

Awsm can be used to send private, personal messages to your partner, spouse, or significant other like you would do with voicemail or SMS or a hand-written note. These messages can be played back sequentially or randomly as a slideshow whenever your partner wants.

Awsm also connects to FamilySearch™ so you can share photos, videos, and other memories with your account and preserve them for your posterity and add them to your geneological record.


    Share text, audio, video, photos, and photos with audio overlays to share past and current memories.

  • Share Old Photos

    Take pictures of old print photos or get old digital photos from your library, add an audio caption about the photo and share it with your family or friends.

  • Birthdays and Special Tributes

    Share a personal message about someone on their big day, then invite friends and family to share a similar message. All the messages are combined into an automatic slideshow for the recipient.

  • Child Albums

    Record thoughts, feelings, advice, encouragement, and admiration for your kids as they are growing, then give them access to their private album so they can instantly watch those messages anytime they want, forever.

Be excellent to each other

Awsm has multiple ways to build better relationships, and to share meaningful memories with the people you care about.
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talk to us!

Awsm is a new thing. We want your feedback so we can make it better! We have lots of cool things planned, but we'd really like your input to build the best app in the universe.