Digital Notes

Send and save meaningful messages like the handwritten notes you’d keep forever in a shoebox.


Take or upload photos, then add an audio and/or text caption to share with friends and family.

Video Messages

Record or upload video messages, then share them with others to be saved forever.

Voice Messages

Record and share voice messages to be played back at anytime!


Select from over 1,000 prompts that assist you in sending positive messages to thank, motivate, compliment, and build others up!


Send and answer hundreds of pre-written questions designed to help you strengthen your relationships.

Message Mob

After you've sent a positive message to someone that could use some love, invite other friends to send that same person a message too.

No App Required

Messages you share with friends and family that don't have the app yet will still reach them via SMS.

Our Promise

No Ads

You will never see any advertisements or content from anyone that you don’t subscribe to.

Data Privacy

We will never sell your data, or use it to advertise to you, without your express agreement.

Pure Content

We will never manipulate your timeline or what content you see. You are in control!

No Fake Profiles

We don't allow spam accounts or fake accounts - no trolls or bots. You have to be genuine.

You Come First

We will always put users first. Not investors, not advertisers, not partners.

No Hate

Awsm is designed to build and strengthen positive relationships. Any form of hate may result in the loss of use of the app.

Private Albums

Use Awsm to record and store a personal journal, vision board, or daily affirmations, then play them back at any time.

Digital shoe box

Send and save meaningful messages like the old handwritten notes or photos you’d keep forever in a shoebox.

Private Messages

Awsm encourages and helps you send daily positive messages to anyone who could use them.

Kid Albums

Record and send meaningful messages to your kids that can be saved, organized, and played back anytime your kids need a boost or reminder!


Record an Awsm tribute for a loved one, then invite others to add to it for an epic montage of positivity!

Shared Memories

Capture old printed photos, add an audio voiceover, and share with the friends that were part of that memory.

Private, Permanent Thank You's

What's better than a handwritten note? A permanent message that can be played back by the receiver at any time!

Couples Albums

Share private video, audio, text, or photos with your significant other that they can play back as an album.