Create private, shared, or public albums. Choose who gets to see the posts in each album.


Take or upload photos, then add an audio and/or text caption to share with friends and family.


Record or upload video messages, then play them back individually or as part of an album.


Create and share audio-only messages, or add an audio caption to a photo before sharing it.


Select from over 1,000 prompts to help you send positive messages to thank, motivate, compliment, and build others up!


Send and answer hundreds of pre-written questions designed to help you strengthen your relationships.

Message Mob

After you've sent a positive message to someone that could use some love, invite other friends to send that same person a message too.

No App Required

Messages you share with friends and family that don't have the app yet will still reach them via SMS.

Our Promise

No Ads

You will never see any advertisements or content from anyone that you don’t subscribe to.

Data Privacy

We will never sell your data, or use it to advertise to you, without your express agreement.

Pure Content

We will never manipulate your timeline or what content you see. You are in control!

No Fake Profiles

We don't allow spam accounts or fake accounts - no trolls or bots. You have to be genuine.

You Come First

We will always put users first. Not investors, not advertisers, not partners.

No Hate

Awsm is designed to build and strengthen positive relationships. Any form of hate may result in the loss of use of the app.

How can people use Awsm?

Kid Albums

Create albums for your kids. Save photos, videos, audio, text memories of them. Record thoughts, messages, advice for them too. Share the album with them as they get older. They will always have those memories & messages in their pocket.

Life Story

Create an album for your aging parents. Capture old print photos from their scrapbooks and shoeboxes. Add audio recordings of them describing those memories. Share the album with siblings, grandkids, close friends. Play those memories back as a slideshow, even long after they're gone.

"Friendsourced" Journaling

Create your own album. Invite friends to add the old photos, videos, and memories they have of you, to your album. You do the same for them, in their albums. Share some of the posts with other friends that were part of those memories. "Friendsource" your life story and share with your loved ones.

Couples Album

Create a shared album for you and your partner. Add photos, videos, and memories of special moments you've shared. Add audio, photo, video, and text love notes for each other. Play it all back as a slideshow anytime when you're apart. Share your album with your kids when they're older.

Vision Board

Create a private vision board album. Add photos, videos, audio, and text that define your goals. Set a daily autoplay alert to launch your album at a specific time. Play your vision board as a slideshow to motivate and inspire you. Rock those goals!

Distant Friends

Create a group album. Invite your closest friends to contribute. Post old photos, videos, memories of the good old days. Share current photos, videos, audio, and text of what's happening in your life now. Play all the content back as an instant slideshow any time.


Create a public album. Invite your current social followers on other platforms to subscribe to your Awsm album for exclusive content. Post video, photos, audio, text, and links to content in a pure, chronological timeline. Generate revenue via links to your products directly from each post.

I Don't Do Social

Don't create anything. Just follow and subscribe to albums from people and brands you care about. Get daily content (with no ads) on your timeline, but only from the profiles you follow. Your data isn't tracked, your profile info isn't shared, you are NOT the product. You get valuable content you care about, and that's it.