Social Journaling

What is social journaling? It’s creating, saving, and sharing some (but not all) of the meaningful content that describes your life – and then being able to play bits (or all) of that content back as a slideshow instantly.

Text, audio, photo, and video, and various combinations of those.

Albums are how you organize and decide who to share your content with. You can create private albums that only you can see (journal, vision board, daily affirmations); you can create shared albums (like a couple’s album for you and your significant other, or albums for each of your kids, or albums for each of your immediate families, your close groups of friends, your team, or your company); and you can create public albums (which eventually could replace your Facebook or Instagram profiles) that anyone can find and follow.

With shared albums you can give people the ability to add content as well, or you can limit them to view-only access.

You will also soon have the ability to make any of your public albums “premium” – and set a monthly subscription price that people will have to pay to follow that album. If you are creating content that is extremely valuable or interesting to people, you will be able to generate revenue from your premium albums.

As we thought about different ways to describe what Awsm does, we landed on the concept of “social journaling” because it’s the simplest phrase we’ve come up with so far that would help someone understand basically what the app does without a long explanation.

Current social media apps aren’t the best place to capture everything meaningful in our lives. And they don’t feel like permanent storage solutions. And unless you’re an “overgrammer” or “oversharer” there are a lot more memories you want to preserve – and maybe share with different specific people each time – than what you’d currently post on the social platforms. At the same time, the “journaling” apps out there aren’t great at the social aspects of storing and sharing memories (comments, favorites, re-shares, etc). Awsm is an attempt at combining the best of both worlds.

We’re open to feedback if there’s a better way to describe what we’re trying to accomplish, but so far social journaling seems to get pretty close.

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